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JULY 01, 2016. New Gallery added. Gallery #29


GALLERY #29: My Converse and Sweatsocks.

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Right now this will be a website showing my socks and barefeet . The photo collection here at the moment is basically of my white ankle socks, sandals, bare feet, arches, soles, toes and dirty used worn smelly socks (available for purchase). I do not have an ego trip about my feet. They are typically average as feet go, but as a foot and sock admirer. I will show them to whomever wishes to see them. Let me know if  you enjoyed my photos or disliked them altogether, your opinion is important as is your voice. To hear from you...is awesome. I hope you all enjoy the photos of my feet and socks. I will continue to always attempt to put out new material to satisfy the foot guys/gals out there. I apologize in advance for not having perfect feet, but I do try my best to keep my feet in good condition by taking care of them, and try to put up a few galleries on occasion. Hope you like them :)

You should know that I do not have "boyfeet", I have man feet, let that be clear. Do not contact me if you are under the age of 18.

New Jersey foot guys, definitely contact me, hit me up.




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 Ankle Sock Special $20 USD: White ankle 5 day wear in hot smelly never washed 10 year old sneakers.

All requests are considered and usually honored, don't be shy, just ask!

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White ankle socks, crew, low cut, no see, ankle, tube and sheer black socks available.  

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Ankle Sock Special $20 USD: White ankle 5 day wear in hot smelly sneakers.


Galleries of My Feet/Socks/Sandals/Sneakers:

Gallery 1: Converse and ankle socks. 

 Gallery 2: Barefoot with sandals.

    Gallery 3: Legs, feet and ankle bracelet.   

Gallery 4: Just barefeet.

    Gallery 5: Socks, barefeet and anklet.

    Gallery 6: White ankle socks and bare feet.  

Gallery 7: Barefoot and ankle socks.

   Gallery 8: Jeans and white socks.

  Gallery 9: Polo Sport ankle socks and jeans. 

  Gallery 10: Black Sheer Socks gallery.   

Gallery 11: Bare feet pics and sock pics.  

Gallery 12: Barefeet, sock and ice cream drip pics. 

Gallery 13: Polo Sport ankle socks and Converse.  

  Gallery 14: My barefoot, socks and soles pics.  

Gallery 15: My Summer 2007 barefeet, arches, soles and sock pics.

 Gallery 16: Sandals, socks to barefoot pics.

Gallery 17: Miscellaneous socks, ankles, sneakers, feet, soles.

 Gallery 18: Socks with sandals? Major no-no and its unfashionable.  

 Gallery 19: My stinky smelly used worn stained Hanes ankle socks.  

 Gallery 20: My toes, soles, ankles, sandals and dirty smelly used socks.  

 Gallery 21: Sweaty stained ankle socks, sandals, bare feet and sunburn.

 Gallery 22: Bare feet after a trip to the beach

Gallery 23: Converse Sneaker Strip-Cons to Ankle Socks

  Gallery 24: Sangria Series, Ankles Socks to Barefeet Showing My Bare Soles.    

  Gallery 25: My Sweat Pants and Barefeet.  

  Gallery 26: "The Pose" and some crinkled barefeet.  

  Gallery 27: Converse Sneakers and Sweaty White Hanes Ankle Socks.  

Gallery 28: 90's Converse removed to show sweaty stained Gold Toe Socks. 

NEW !!! JULY 2016 Gallery 29: Blue Low Converse and stinky worn white ankle socks. NEW!!! JULY 2016

Guest Galleries:

Meet Jake...A friend of mine with awesome College boy feet!

  Meet Lucas (from France)...his size 9.5 (US) are perfect!


 Ankle Sock Special $20 USD: White ankle 5 day wear in hot, smelly, used, never washed sneakers.

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